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Combined Excise Tax Return - Deduction Detail

Pages 3 & 4

Deduction Detail

We cannot approve deductions taken on the Combined Excise Tax Return that are not itemized on pages 3 & 4 of the deduction detail sheet.

  1. Write your name as it appears on your business registration.
  2. Write your account ID. The account ID, also called Uniform Business Identifier (UBI), is a nine-digit number that appears on your business registration.
  3. Find the heading that corresponds to your reporting activity and review the deductions available.
  4. Enter the deduction amount in the Amount column.
  5. Transfer the total deduction amount for each classification from this page to the corresponding line on your tax return in the deduction column (Column 2).

If you have deductions, return the Deduction Detail (pages 3 and 4). If you do not have deductions, do not return the Deduction Detail (pages 3 and 4).

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