Application forms

520 Bridge Project Application for Sales and Use Tax Deferral (Fill-In)

Accreditation as an Ad Valorem Real Property Appraiser, Application for (Fill-In)

Accreditation Renewal (Fill-In)

Business License Application (Fill-In) - Use to register your new business

Community Solar Project Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Annual Incentive Payment Application (Fill-In)

Commute Trip Reduction Credit Annual Application
Note: This application is only accepted January 1st through January 31st. For further information, please see our Special Notice

Continuing Education Course Approval Application (Fill-In)

Exemption for Physical Improvement to a Single Family Dwelling, Application for (Fill-In)

Exemption of Improvement Benefiting Fish and Wildlife Habitat, Water Quality, or Water Quantity, Application for (Fill-In)

Exemption of Real and Personal Property Used in the Manufacturing of Biodiesel, Alcohol, or Wood Biomass Fuel (Fill-In)

Extension of Special Valuation on Improvements to Historic Property, Application and Certification for (Fill-in)

Managed Audit Application (Fill-In)

Property Tax and Leasehold Excise Tax Exemption, Application for (Fill-In)

Public Utility Tax Credit Application Low Income Assistance

Qualified Renewable Energy Equipment, Application for Sales Tax Refund on Purchases and Installation of

Refund on Machinery and Equipment for Manufacturing, Research and Development, or a Testing Operation (Fill-In)

Refund or Credit for Sales Tax and Use Tax Paid (Used by Businesses) (Fill-In)

Refund of Use Tax, Application for (Fill-In)

Refund or Credit, Application for

Refund Request for Business & Occupation Tax Paid on Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniform Services/Tricare Income



Reseller Permit, Application for a Washington State

Revenue Clearance Certificate Application (Withdrawal or Dissolution of a Corporation and Guaranty) (Fill-In)

Rural Area Application for B&O Tax Credit on New Employees (Must be filed within 90 days after the first position is filled)

Sales Tax Exemption for Purchases by Data Centers, Application for

Special Valuation on Improvements to Historic Property, Application and Certification of (Fill-In)

Tribal Property Used for Essential Government Services, Application for (Fill-In)