Rule making activities

Our mission is to fairly and efficiently collect revenues and administer programs to fund public services and advocate for sound tax policy. Washington's essential services are directly supported by the taxes you pay. To help businesses comply with their tax reporting responsibility, we are committed to providing updated rules that are easy to understand and relevant to current business practices. The Department of Revenue welcomes your participation in the rule making process.

Understanding the rule making process

Explains the three distinctive steps required to adopt a rule and highlights key public participation opportunities.

Rule making agenda

Identifies the rules that the Department is currently working on or plans to work on in the next 6 months. Provides links to rule making notices filed with the Office of the Code Reviser.

Adoptions and repeals

Identifies recently adopted and repealed rules and interpretive statements.

How to participate

Explains how to participate with the Department of Revenue in the rule making process.

Frequently asked questions about rule making

Provides questions and answers about the rule making process the Department is frequently asked

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Excise Tax Rule Actions – get information about excise taxes including draft rules, interpretive statements, meeting/public hearing notices, rules agenda, etc.

Rule making files (History)

At this time these listings do not identify or include all rule making actions. If you don't find a specific rule making file, please contact: