Paying by electronic check

You may pay your fees using an electronic check for no additional fees. First, you'll need some information from one of your paper checks.

Check example

Routing number: Usually the first number on the bottom of a check. Routing numbers are always nine digits. Most financial institutions also list their routing number on their website.

Account number: May be up to 17 digits in length, but is usually between nine and 12 digits. In some instances, the account number and the check number may be reversed.

Check number: Appears after the routing and account numbers and is often three or four digits. Check numbers are sometimes printed in the upper right corner.

Filter number: The Department of Revenue's company ID number for EFT debit transactions is 9916001118. Provide this filter number to your financial institution. The number enables your financial institution to identify and authorize the Department's bank to withdraw specific funds from your account. Your bank may also require the Company Name, which is WA ST DEPT REV.