Log export regulations

Need to know what the state of Washington requires for public timber harvesting? Read below for regulations, forms, and other helpful information.

Branding and Painting Requirements

  • Prior to removing the sawlogs from the sale area, both ends of the sawlogs must be marked with a spot of red paint that is at least 2 inches in diameter
  • All log ends with a diameter of ten inches or more must be hammer branded with a legible log brand which is assigned and registered.
  • If logs are subdivided into smaller pieces for any purpose other than immediate processing, each piece must be marked in the same manner as the original logs.
  • Log brandings and markings must be maintained until the logs are processed.
  • Pulp logs do not need to have full markings. Instead, the requirements are:
    - At least ten logs on one end of the load must be painted, and
    - At least 3 legible log brands must be applied to each load.

Ineligible Purchasers

February 14, 2023

List of persons who are ineligible to bid on or acquire public timber from Non-Federal Public Lands in Washington State (There is an exception for Hardwoods, Red Cedar, and pulp logs).

Ineligible purchasers because of the ban on substitution:
Company Name
Weyerhaeuser Company and all affiliates

Ineligible purchasers because of violations of WAC 240-15:
None at this time