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Statute requires that any person who values real property for taxation purposes, including those who act as assistants or deputies to a county assessor, be accredited with the Department of Revenue. An appraiser gains accreditation by meeting all of the following requirements:

  • Has at least one year of experience in transactions involving real property, in appraisal of real property, or in assessment of real property, or at least one year of experience in the combination of the three.
  • Has knowledge in repair and remodeling of buildings and improvement of land, and in the significance of locality and area to the value of real property.
  • Knows the standards for appraising property set forth by the Department of Revenue.
  • Meets other minimum requirements specified by the Department of Revenue.

Once an appraiser gains accreditation, they must renew it by application every two years. The renewal must include 15 hours of continuing education (three of these hours may include courses that would be considered "of interest" to the assessor's office). Courses that are attended by the appraisers must first be approved by the Department, and must be related to real property appraising.