2005 Centennial Accord

Department of Revenue Agency Highlights

Commitment to Centennial Accord Principles

  • The Department of Revenue is fully committed to the principals of consultation and cooperation memorialized in the Centennial Accord. The sovereign status of Tribes and the complex nature of jurisdictional issues regarding Indian Reservations, Tribal and member trust land, and Tribal land in general, require a sound working relationship between Tribes and the State.
  • The Department acknowledges that implementation of the Centennial Accord is an on going process and pledges to work on a day to day basis to foster our government-to-government relationship with individual Tribes.
  • The Director has designated the Deputy Director to act as Tribal Liaison. A team has been established to work with the Liaison, consisting of a legal counsel, a tax administrator, and a CPA. The team reports to the Director.

To meet its commitment under the Centennial Accord the Department will:

  • Actively seek input from Tribal Governments on tax issues.
  • Give advance notice and information to Tribes regarding Department of Revenue actions that might impact them.
  • Provide increased outreach and education to the public and to policy makers.
  • Promote an open door policy and in furtherance of that the Director and/or team members will travel to Tribal offices to meet.

2005 Highlights

Tribal property tax exemption. Completed implementation of 2004 legislation. Solicited input and held public hearings, as well as traveled to twenty Tribal offices to discuss real estate and property issues and do site visits.

Puyallup Tribe Cigarette Tax Compact. With the Puyallup Tribe implemented the Compact, which includes revenue sharing, tribal compliance monitoring and Tribal licensure of member stores.

Tribal GIS System. Worked with representatives of Tribes to review GIS maps and data in order to develop and launch the Department's web-based tax exemption verification program.

Joint Presentation with Swinomish Tribe to the New York State Tobacco Control Advisory Board. Participated in a day-long board meeting focused on sharing the Washington state experience in resolving long-standing disputes over cigarette sales.

Presentation to the 18th Annual UW Indian Law Symposium. Shared approach and highlighted benefits of "Alternatives to Litigation."