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Annexations Quarter 3, 2022

The cities below have imposed annexations increasing their boundaries. Sales tax rates for businesses included in the annexation may be affected. More information can be obtained from the respective city planning departments.

City County Location Code Annexation Name Ordinance Number
Arlington Snohomish 3101 Lindsay Annexation 2022-003
College Place Walla Walla 3601 Sharp Annexation 21-015
Grandview Yakima 3901 Wilson Estates 2022-04
Monroe Snohomish 3112 Monroe Woodlands Annexation 002-2022
Pasco Franklin 1104 Thanksgiving Partnership Annexation 4572
Pasco Franklin 1104 Olberding & Farm 2005 4574
Pasco Franklin 1104 Harris Annexation 4576
Quincy Grant 1310 Scott Annexation 22-570
Sunnyside Yakima 3908 Bos & Rodriguez Annexation 2020-06A
Sunnyside Yakima 3908 Hector Salgado Annexation 2021-06