GIS Disclaimer

Note: The geographic data, such as annexations, new roads, name changes, etc. is updated quarterly. Therefore, although your location information may be valid, it may not be included in the current GIS database. To obtain the sales tax rate information for a general area, rather than a specific address, you may wish to use the Sales Tax Rates Map, send us an e-mail message or call the Telephone Information Center at 360-705-6705.

Sellers using the GIS database in determining the sales/use tax remitted to the Department of Revenue will be held harmless and not liable for any additional taxes due or related interest and penalties for under-collection of taxes with respect to calculation errors resulting from the proper use of the database. If errors result in over-collection of taxes, sellers must either refund the over-collected amount to buyers or remit the entire amount of tax to the Department as required by law.