Tax topics

These articles provide information about taxes in Washington state. See our Special Notices for updates to existing tax law, and Industry Guides to better understand tax requirements for specific industries.

Topics Issue Date Subjects
Sales and transfers of firearms by licensed dealers Remote sales of firearms
Interim guidance statements Interim guidance statements
Some local tax rates increasing Local sales tax
2022 Tax Legislation Legislation
Las Medidas de Alivio Comercial de COVID-19 finalizan el 30 de septiembre del 2021 COVID-19
COVID-19 Business Relief Measures End Sept 30, 2021 COVID-19
Sales tax not listed on the invoice Invoice
Dog waste pick up services Dog waste
Online instructional classes Online instructional classes
International service activities B&O tax credit - Q&A International services
2021 Tax Legislation Legislation
Water rights transfers Water rights
Vehicles brought into Washington from out-of-state Out of state vehicles
Publication of newspapers preferential tax rate Newspaper
Fireworks sales Fireworks
Businesses owe use tax on self-produced fuel Fuel
Real estate sign service Real estate sign
Day camps for youth Day camps
Valet services Valet
Direct pay Direct pay
Is prepared food more than 75% of your total food sales? Restaurant food sales
Emergency financial assistance grants Federal assistance
Gift cards, gift certificates, and layaway purchases Gift cards
All businesses are required to file and pay electronically Mandatory efile
LendingTree decision – what next? LendingTree Decision
High unemployment counties sales and use tax deferral program High unemployment
2020 Tax Legislation Legislation
Las ventas de licores por el lado de la acera y las entregas de licores Spirits
COVID-19 Aumento de estafas para los contribuyentes Fraud
Sales of alcohol for sanitizing purposes Sanitizing alcohol