Tax Research Index

Name Description
WAC 277

Certified Service Providers - Compensation

WAC 268

Annual surveys for certain tax adjustments

WAC 262

Retail sales and use tax exemptions for agricultural employee housing

WAC 261

Commute trip reduction incentives

WAC 260

Oil spill response and administration tax

WAC 263

Fuel cell, wind, landfill gas, and solar energy electric generating facilities sales and use tax exemption

WAC 264

National Uniform Tobacco Settlement

WAC 267

Annual reports for certain tax adjustments

WAC 259

Small timber harvester - Business and occupation tax exemption Repealed July 17, 2001 Replaced by Rule 13501

WAC 257

Tangible personal property warranties and service contracts

WAC 256

Trade shows, conventions and seminars

WAC 258

Travel agents and tour operators

WAC 901

Selected business services. Cancelled June 30, 1999


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