Apply online with My DOR!

Log in - Do you have a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) user ID and password?

Yes, I log into online services for other Washington state agencies or I have logged into My DOR (for example, to renew a business license or print a reseller permit.)
Log in and learn more about accessing your license account.

No, I am a first time user to My DOR and do not have a SAW user ID.
Learn how to create one.

I am not sure.
You can check if you have one.

Do you have an existing business?

Yes, I have an existing business but I have never accessed my business license account online in My DOR.

You will need to add access to your business license account in My DOR with a UBI number and a letter ID from a license-related letter.

No letter? You can request a letter be mailed to the address on file. The letter will include a Letter ID (code) that you use to gain access to the license account. (Learn how to request a Letter ID)

No, I am starting a new business.

After you log in, click Apply for a new business license on the My DOR Services page.