Variable business license processing fees

A non-refundable Business License Application processing fee is required for each application received in addition to applicable endorsement or trade name fees. See below to determine the processing fee.

Open/reopen a business - $50

If you are opening the first location of a new business/UBI or re-opening a business/UBI that has no active locations.

Add an additional location - $0

If you are adding an additional location to your current business/UBI.

Add a city Non-Resident Business Endorsement to an existing location - $0

If your business is not physically located inside city limits, but you will travel within the city’s limits to conduct business, a city Non-Resident Business endorsement is required.

Any other purpose - $10

If you are filing for any purpose other than those listed above.

Examples: Hiring employees, registering a trade name, adding additional endorsements to an existing location, etc.

Annual Renewal processing fee - $5

Processing fee to renew a location for any number of endorsements in addition to applicable endorsement fees.

Renewals are due by the expiration date. Renewals received after the expiration date are charged a late penalty fee of half of the endorsement fee or up to $150.