How to verify reseller permits

There are two ways you can verify reseller permits:

Business Lookup tool

This tool allows you to look up and verify reseller permits by individual business. Instructions for using the Business Lookup are on the My DOR help page.

Reseller permit verification service

This service allows you to submit a list of multiple businesses to the Department for verification.

How does it work?

You create and upload an electronic file with your customers’ reseller permit information via a secure web page. This service will deliver one file that contains:

  • Your original data, along with reseller permit information found for all records.
  • Errors (if any) where information was entered incorrectly, including an explanation.

Create your upload file:

  • When making your file, there are three data options: Account ID, Permit Number, and Unique ID
    • Entering only an Account ID will populate the most recent Reseller Permit on file for the business.
    • Entering an Account ID and the Permit Number will populate information for that specific permit.
    • Additionally, you can include a third field:
      • Unique ID - This field is for your use, for example: your customer name, your customer number, sequence number
  • All fields must be separated by a comma or a tab.
  • Enter a space for blank fields, however our system cannot find a match without at least an Account ID.
  • Save your file in one of the following formats using the “save as” option on the File tab:
    • Comma separated values (.csv) example: 502502502,A12345678,123456
    • Tab delimited (.txt) example: 501501501 A12345678 12345642X

Submit your file:

You can submit your file online through My DOR.

What next?

Once processed, you will be able to download your report as an excel (.xlsx) file. Use the file to verify that your records:

  • Have the correct customer and reseller permit information (including expiration date)
  • Show that the customer had a valid reseller permit at the time of the sale

Use the Error Column to identify those entries with incorrect or incomplete information. You may correct your information and resubmit it for verification.

Sample verification file (including errors)

You should verify your customer reseller permit information at least once each calendar year.