High tech R & D tax incentives study

Report of the Department of Revenue

Prepared Pursuant to Chapter 66, Laws of 1994 (SB 6573)
Analysis by the Research Division
Mary Welsh, Assistant Director

December 2000

Table of contents

Chapter 1
Observations and Findings

Chapter 2
Description and History of Programs

Chapter 3
Program Utilization

Research and Development Credit Program Tables (RCW 82.04.4452)

Table 3.1
Research and Development Credit Activity by Technology Type

Table 3.2
Research Credits Taken by County

Table 3.3
Count of Firms Taking Research Credits by County

Research and Development Deferral/Exemption Program Tables (RCW 82.63) 10-11

Table 3.4
Deferral/Exemption Projects by Technology Type 1995-2000

Table 3.5
Approved Research and Development Projects

Table 3.6
Deferred/Exempted Taxes by County by Year

Chapter 4
Administration of the Programs and Data Limitations

Chapter 5
Profile of Firms Taking the R&D Credit

Chapter 6 Analytical Tables and Discussion

Table 6.1
Washington to U.S. Employment by SIC Group

Table 6.2
Tax Benefit Summary for R&D Program Participants

Table 6.3
Tax Benefits as Share of Gross by Size Group of Firm

Description of Tables


Table 6.4
Annual Patents, Washington and U.S.

Table 6.5
Washington Rankings for "High Tech" Patent Classes

Description of Patent Trends and Technical Notes


Appendix A
Summer 2000 Survey of High Tech Firms

Appendix B
Declaration - Research and Development Credit

Appendix C
High Technology Application for Tax Deferral