Nursery Plant Seller/Installer - Retailer/Wholesaler

A Nursery Plant Seller/Installer - Retailer/Wholesaler endorsement is required for businesses that:

  • Sell or hold live plants or turf for planting, propagation, or floral display.
  • Perform landscaping or lawn maintenance, which includes planting or installing new plants or turf.
  • Grow, handle, ship, install or sell plants or turf including landscapers and plant brokers.

Businesses propagating and selling certain fruit tree and all grapevine species must pay an annual assessment fee on sales. For more information, contact the Plant Services Program at 360-902-1874.


A Nursery Plant Seller/Installer endorsement is not required for:

  • Persons producing only cannabis and who are registered cannabis producers under RCW 69.50.325.
  • Persons selling less than $100 of plants per year, or only selling cut flowers/cut branches.

Choose either a Retailer or Wholesaler endorsement based on what you believe will be your primary source of income, then estimate your total sales of plant material for the calendar year. Determine the fee due based on your endorsement type and sales estimate.

Licensing requirements and additional supporting documents

State endorsement


Nursery Plant Seller/Installer Retailer


$100–$2,499 gross sales of plant material

$80.64 per location

$2,500–$14,999 gross sales of plant material

$176.64 per location

$15,000 and over gross sales of plant material

$350.40 per location



Nursery Plant Seller/Installer Wholesaler


$100–$14,999 gross sales of plant material

$176.64 per location

$15,000 and over gross sales of plant material

$350.40 per location

Additional fees

State tax registration $0
Registering your business name as a trade name $5
Business License Application fee Variable fee

How to apply


Add a state endorsement to your business

Apply for a new business license

Online assistance
Setting up your business licensing and tax account
How to add a state endorsement

By mail

Complete the licensing requirements above and mail to:

Business Licensing Service
P.O. Box 9034
Olympia, WA 98507-9034