Sales and use tax tools

Washington has tools dedicated to helping businesses that sell and deliver goods.

Tax rate lookup tool

This tool is helpful for businesses that sell and deliver goods. The tool has a tax calculator function that provides the tax amount, total, and a confirmation code.

This tool is also accessible by mobile devices at

  • Street address.
  • ZIP + 4.
  • Map.
  • Latitude/longitude.

Tax rate lookup mobile app for iOS and Android

Downloadable databases

The downloadable database of addresses and tax jurisdictions gives businesses the ability to integrate the information into your accounting systems or customized applications. The files are in comma-separated (.txt) format, in zip files. Available by:

Customer database conversion service

You may choose to send us your customer address database and in return we will send you the location code and sales tax rate for each Washington address you provide us.

Washington Sales Tax Rate Lookup User Interface

The URL Interface provides a direct access to the Washington Department of Revenue’s address-based rate lookup technology platform. Using the URL interface we provide, you can access sales and use tax rate data using address or ZIP + 4 code information and tie the data into your shopping cart checkout process or accounting system in real time.

Washington Sales Tax Rate Library (Source Code)

Source code that provides a sales tax rate lookup using the Department of Revenue's address and rate download files.

Washington Sales Tax Rate Lookup Latitude/Longitude URL Interface

City and county tax rates

Sales and use tax rates and location codes available in a variety of online, downloadable formats.

Certified Service Providers (CSPs)

Businesses that help taxpayers comply with sales tax collection and remittance requirements in states that are members of the streamlined sales and use tax agreement.

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