Customer database conversion service

This free service allows businesses to submit their customer address database and receive the location code and sales tax rate for each Washington State address. Follow the instructions below to send us your customer address database.

What we’ll send you

The results should be available within two business days. You will receive an email when the results are ready. The following files will be returned:

  • The results file will contain the original data with results for each record. Location code and tax rate will be listed if found.
  • To make it easier for you to identify addresses that could not be found, an error file will be created that contains only those records where a location code and tax rate could not be found. An explanation of why will be included.

The links and files will remain available until the last day of the current quarter.

File format requirements

  • File must be in a comma or tab delimited text format.
    • Comma Delimited example: Cust01,123 Oak St,Olympia,WA,98502
    • Tab Delimited example: Cust01 123 Oak St Olympia WA 98502
  • One address per record.
  • Do not include column headers containing field names in the file.
  • All records must have the same number of fields.
  • Only the following fields will be accepted in the following order:
Field name Description Format Length
Record No or Customer Name Field used to correlate the results back to your database. alpha/numeric n/a
Address Number, street name, direction (Suite, Apt, Lot are not required) alpha/numeric n/a
City Name of city alpha n/a
State Two character state abbreviation (WA only) alpha n/a
Zip Code and +4 5, 9 or 10 digits (i.e. 98513, 98513-2452, 985132452) numeric/character


Examples of acceptable file formats:

Tab-delimited file
Comma-delimited file

How to save your database in the correct format before submitting

Comma delimited:

  • Click FILE
  • Choose SAVE AS
  • In the SAVE AS TYPE drop-down box, select CSV (*.csv)
  • Click the SAVE button

Tab delimited:

  • Click FILE
  • Choose SAVE AS
  • In the SAVE AS TYPE drop-down box, select Text (*.txt)
  • Click the SAVE button


Examples of results and error files

Results file
Error file

Location codes and tax rates change quarterly

Tax rates and location codes can change on a quarterly basis. It is your responsibility to make sure your database has the current tax rates and location codes.

To ensure your database has the most up-to-date information:

  • Refer to our Local Sales & Use Tax Rates & Changes publication to update your database with the current tax rates and location codes; or
  • Submit your database at the beginning of every quarter. The quarters begin on the following dates:
    • Quarter 1 January 1
    • Quarter 2 April 1
    • Quarter 3 July 1
    • Quarter 4 October 1

Are you ready to submit your customer database?

Yes, I'm ready to upload my database


For questions about the Customer Database Conversion Service, contact:

Local Finance Team - Taxpayer Account Administration

For questions about Destination-based Sales Tax and other tools, call 360-705-6705.