Estate tax forms

Warning: To protect against the possibility of others accessing your confidential information, do not complete these forms on a public workstation.

Extension of time to file a WA State Estate and Transfer Tax Return

Paper application
  • Application for Extension of Time to File a Washington State Estate and Transfer Tax Return (Fill-In or Print)​
    • An executor or a preparer may request an extension for filing the estate tax return by completing the form above. If applicable, include an estimated tax payment.
    • A Confidential Tax Information Authorization (CTIA) form is included with the paper extension request. Executors may use this form to grant the Preparer access to Confidential Tax Information and/or to authorize communication via fax or unsecured email.
    • An extension may be submitted without the CTIA form. However, the CTIA form must be submitted with the extension because it is necessary to create an account. We are unable to process the CTIA form without an account.

Note: Use this form to request a second extension (up to an additional six months).​

Electronic application (First time extension request with payment)
  • Electronically file (First Estate Tax Extension Request with payment)
    • An executor with an estate bank account may file an electronic extension request for the first automatic extension (six months).
    • Prior to filing an electronic request, have the following available for reference:
      • Information requested on the extension form.
      • Estate’s bank account information.
      • Estimated estate tax payment.

WA State Estate & Transfer Tax Return, instructions, checklist, and addendums

Return, filing instructions, and checklist

Additional documents

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