Special Notices

Special Notice Title Issue Date Year Subjects
New temporary spirits sales tax and spirits liter tax exemption 2021 Spirits Tax
Architectural Paint Stewardship Assessment (Paint Stewardship Fee) 2021 Architectural Paint
B&O Tax Credit for Washington Customized Training Program Extended 2021 Customized Training Program
New B&O tax exemption for services covered by a Qualified Washington Health Benefit Exchange health plan 2021 B&O Tax Exemption
Property tax exemption for heavy equipment rental property 2021 Property Tax
Public utility tax credit for energy efficiency incentive payments 2022 Public Utility Tax
The Washington Supreme Court ruled Initiative 976 unconstitutional 2020 Vehicle Sales & Leases
Adding new value to the assessment rolls - Update 2020 Property Tax
Retail taxes compact 2020 Tribal Compacting
Land development and management services 2020 Land Development
Electric vessel and marine propulsion system tax exemption 2020 Sales Tax Exemption
Batteries for electric vessel and marine propulsion systems tax exemption 2020 Sales Tax Exemption
Legislative changes to select property tax exemptions 2020 Property Tax
Legislative changes to property owned by federally recognized Indian Tribes and used for economic development 2020 Property Tax
Changes to property tax relief programs 2020 Property Tax
Legislative changes for nonprofit organizations providing rental housing or mobile home spaces to qualifying households 2020 Property Tax
Sales tax exemption for feminine hygiene products 2020 Sales Tax Exemption
Changes to gift certificates and gift cards 2020 Gift Certificates/Cards
Estate tax treatment of real property owned by business entities 2020 Estate Tax
Aerospace Manufacturers Tax Incentives 2020 Aerospace
Aerospace Tooling Manufacturers Tax Incentives 2020 Aerospace
New vapor products tax 2020 Vapor Products
Increased B&O tax rate for certain aerospace tax classification 2020 B&O Tax
Select Advanced Computing Surcharge 2020 Advanced computing
Workforce Education – Service and Other Activities Rate Changes 2020 Workforce Education