Special Notices

Special Notice Title Issue Date Year Subjects
Silicon Smelters Tax Relief 2017 Smelters
Semiconductor materials manufacturers tax incentives extended - Revised 2017 Incentives
Manufacturers of Solar Energy Systems and their Components 2017 Incentives
Non-manufacturer Aerospace Tax Incentives 2017 Aerospace
Martial arts - Retail sales tax changes 2017 Martial Arts
Changes to the Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Program - System Owners, Sellers, and Installers 2017 Renewable Energy
Changes to the Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Program - Light and Power Businesses 2017 Renewable Energy
Legislative Update for Assessors and Treasurers - State School Levy, Enrichment Levies, and State Local Effort Assistance 2017 Property Tax
Tax Incentive Reporting Simplified 2017 Incentive Reporting
How to Tax Soft Drinks and Other Beverages 2017 Soft Drinks
Adapted Housing for Disabled Veterans 2017 Veterans
Legislative Update - Property Tax Exemption for Multipurpose Senior Citizen Centers 2017 Senior Citizen Centers
Pet Adoption Fees Charged by Animal Rescue Organizations 2017 Pet Adoption
Tax Reporting for Consignment Sales 2017 Consignment Sales
Bottled Water Subject to Sales Tax 2017 Bottled Water
Director fees subject to Business and Occupation (B&O) tax 2017 B&O Tax
Brokered Sales of Vessels - Determining the Place of Sale 2017 Vessel
Update: Chemical Dependency Services Added to B&O Tax Deduction for Providing Mental Health Services under a Government Funded Program 2016 Chemical Dependency
Sales and Use Tax Exemption available for new FAR Part 145 Repair Stations construction 2016 Aerospace
Retail Sales Tax Exemption for Sales of Motor Vehicles to Tribes and Enrolled Tribal Members 2016 Sales Tax Exemption
Trade Convention Exception from Nexus for Retail Sales 2016 Nexus
Credit for hiring unemployment veterans 2016 Veterans
Sales and use tax exemptions for certain low-THC products from health care professionals 2016 Marijuana
Cooperatives exempt from taxes on marijuana provided to members 2016 Marijuana
Sales and use tax exemption for marijuana retailers with a medical endorsement 2016 Marijuana