Special Notices

Special Notice Title Issue Date Year Subjects
Sales of auto parts to nonresidents 2019 Nonresidents
Sales and use tax exemption on purchases and installation of solar energy systems 2019 Renewable Energy
Business and occupation (B&O) tax rate increase for certain travel agents and tour operators 2019 B&O Tax
Hazardous substance tax change for petroleum products 2019 Petroleum Products
Taxation of international investment management companies 2019 Financial Businesses
Data center exemption and application process 2019 Data Centers
Public Utility Tax Credits for "Billing Discounts" and "Qualified Contributions" 2019 Public Utility Tax
How to Document Your United States Government Credit Card Purchases 2018 Government Credit Card
Solar systems sales and use tax exemptions expired Sept. 20, 2017 2018 Renewable Energy
Tax Incentives for Converting Biogas into Marketable Coproducts and Manufacturing Wood Biomass Fuel 2018 Anaerobic Digesters and Landfills
Providing Home Ownership Opportunities for Low-Income Households - Legislative Update 2018 Property Tax
Exemption Extended for Sales of Automotive Adaptive Equipment to Disabled Veterans 2018 Disabled Veterans
High unemployment county sales and use tax deferral program Eligible counties from July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020 2018 Incentives
Evidence Due Date for Boards of Equalization Appeal Hearings Changing to 21 Days 2018 Property Tax
Special Event Promoter's Requirements 2018 Event Promoters
Sales and Use Tax Exemption Expires for Clean Alternative Fuel, Electric and Plug-in Hybrids 2018 Clean Alternative Fuel
Self-Produced Fuel subject to use tax 2018 Self-Produced Fuel
Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax Deduction Available for Your Delivery System Reform Incentive Payments (DSRIP) 2018 Incentives
Tax Incentives for Federal Aviation Regulation Part 145 Repair Stations 2018 Aerospace
Eliminating the Collection of Anticipated Taxes and Assessments - Legislative Update (Revised) 2018 Property Tax
Environmental Handling Charge on Mercury-Containing Light Bulbs Exempt from Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax 2018 B&O Tax
Withdrawing Land from Classification in the Current Use Program - Legislative Update 2017 Property Tax
'Invest in Washington' program 2017 Incentives
Enhanced Food Fish Excise Tax Rates and Reporting Changes 2017 Enhanced Food Fish
Trailing Nexus 2017 Nexus