Get or renew your business license

Coming summer of 2023, your business license and renewal notice will be sent to the email address on your license account. You can view and update your business location email address(es) in My DOR.

Renew your endorsements each year

Most city and state endorsements must be renewed annually. You will receive a renewal notice in the mail the month before your endorsement(s) expires. To avoid penalties, submit and pay fees by the expiration date. For faster service renew online through My DOR.

Once your renewal has been processed, a new license will be issued. You can check your renewal status, or print a copy of your processed license from our secure site, My DOR.

See a list of city and state endorsements for the fees associated with each license.

Re-open a closed account

To re-open a closed account, you will need to file a Business License Application.

Renew a license from another agency (such as contractor, cosmetology and daycare)

Find out which agency regulates your license using the Department of Licensing's list, and contact that agency for their renewal process.

Corporations or Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

You must file an annual report to stay in good standing with the Washington Secretary of the State. Annual reports must be filed directly with the Secretary of State, Corporations and Charities Division.

For more information, visit the website of the Secretary of State’s Office.