X-ray Facility and Devices

Any businesses that have a facility with any of the x-ray tube types listed below, including dental or medical offices, hospitals, and veterinary, educational, security, research, industrial, or correctional facilities is required to have an X-ray Facility and Devices endorsement.

Licensing requirements and additional supporting documents

X-ray facility

Radiation Machine Facility Registration - $195

A Department of Health x-ray facility endorsement is required for business locations that have a facility with various x-ray tube types, including dental or medical offices; hospitals; and veterinary, educational, security, research, industrial, or correctional facilities.

X-ray tube types

Fluoroscopic – Micro Amperage (Mini) C-Arm

A smaller version of a traditional C-arm that is operated in the micro amperage range.

Fluoroscopic – O-Arm

A fluoroscopic x-ray machine that has a retractable or extendable side that allows the x-ray tube and image intensifier the full 360 degrees of movement.

Fluoroscopic – Specialty Rooms

A fixed fluoroscopic x-ray machine where the x-ray tube and/or image intensifier can be operated independently of one another. These machines are typically built into rooms with very specific use cases in mind. Bi-plane rooms would register two tubes. For example: catheter lab, vascular lab, EP, IR.

Fluoroscopic – Under Table

A fluoroscopic x-ray machine where the tube is permanently mounted under a tabletop unit. An image intensifier is located above the table and is pulled across the table during use. These are typically in rooms that have both fluoroscopic and radiographic functionality.

Industrial – Blood Irradiator

A cabinet x-ray used specifically for blood sterilization.

Industrial – Cabinet X-Ray

A non-clinical x-ray machine, typically used for research or non-destructive analysis. It is a benchtop/tabletop unit that is fully enclosed and self-shielded. There is typically an interlocked door that allows the user to place what is to be imaged inside of the machine.

Industrial – Medical Examiner

Any x-ray unit other than a medical radiographic unit or fluoroscopic unit that is used specifically for the imaging deceased individuals. Repurposed medical radiographic units (fixed or portable) or fluoroscopic units must be registered under educational (non-human use).

Industrial – Open Beam Radiography

Any industrial x-ray unit that is not self-shielded or self-contained in a structure that doesn't limit human access.

Industrial – Particle Accelerator

Accelerator means any machine capable of accelerating electrons, protons, deuterons, or other charged particles in a vacuum and of discharging the resultant particulate or other radiation into a medium at energies usually in excess of 1 MeV. (Including Fusion Energy Devices)

Industrial – Specimen Analyzer

A cabinet x-ray used for tissue samples.

Additional fees

State tax registration $0
Registering your business name as a trade name $5
Business License Application fee Variable fee

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