Taxpayer survey

The Department surveyed all Taxpayers or their Representatives who participated in Rule 100 hearings between June and September 2014.

We wanted to know, what was working and what needed improvement.

Most of the responders were representatives who regularly participate in the Rule 100 process.

What we learned

The graph(s) below illustrate overall responses. In general, participants felt they were heard and treated with respect and most did not use or know about our website and its resources. We also learned from the comments:

  • 47% of responders wanted the process to be independent of other divisions or the agency
  • More publication of determinations
  • Improve the settlement process
  • Increase the speed of decision issuance
  • Website resources not known

What will change

  • We are amending Rule 100 to clarify the informal, dependent, non adversarial nature of the process and other efficiencies.
  • We have created a settlement track to streamline and centralize the negotiation process.
  • We are working on additional process improvements to reduce the time it takes to issue a mainstream decision.
  • We more than doubled the publication of determinations in FY14 and further increase publication in FY15.
  • We are updating our website and plan more outreach to taxpayers.

Pie chart:Who received the survey?
Pie chart: Who responded?